Learn Some Fun Basics Used in Tae Kwon Do Training

Counting in Korean

We practice counting in Korean during warm ups! Here you can try it too!

1 ha-na HAH-nah
2 tul tool
3 set seht
4 net neht
5 ta-seot TA-soht
6 yo-seot YOH-soht
7 il-gop EEL-gohp
8 yo-deol YOH-dohl
9 a-hop AH-hop
10 yeol yol

Patterns and Belt Levels

Progressing through Tae Kwon Do belt levels is fun and challenging.

In order to move from one rank to the next, the student must master both a pattern of footwork and armwork, and specific kicks, punches and/or moves.

Patterns (Poomsae in Korean) are a series of fundamental movements set into a logical and fixed sequence. Learning patterns enables students to develop motor skill, an increased ability to focus, and balance. Movements represent attacking and defensive techniques against one or more imaginary opponents. There are four elements that are considered in executing a pattern; direction, pattern, stance and technique.

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