Student Rules

ValleyWide Tae Kwon Do employs a set of rules that encourage responsible behaviour and respect for the art of Tae Kwon Do and for others.

We respect the following rules:
  1. Bow before entering and leaving the Dojang (Training Hall).
  2. Instructors should be addressed as "sir" or "ma'am" when spoken to.
  3. When speaking to an Instructor or Master they should be addressed correctly.
  4. Never be late for class. Always strive to be on time.
  5. Shoes are not permitted to be worn on the training area.
  6. No food or drink is permitted in the training area.
  7. No chewing gum is permitted during class.
  8. Students must always maintain personal cleanliness and wear a clean white Dobok while training in the Dojang.
  9. Always respect your elders, no matter what rank you hold.
  10. Abusive use of drugs and alcohol and any usage of illegal substances is not tolerated. Persons smelling of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to participate in class. Lack of respect for this rule will result in the member's permanent removal from the school.
  11. The skills you learn in the Dojang are meant for self-defense only, not for the purpose of inflating your ego. Misuse of your skills will mean suspension or termination from the school.
  12. It's every member's responsibility to uphold a clean and healthy image for the school in and outside the Dojang.